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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you looking for counseling that connects with your creative side?

Is your child or teen nervous about starting counseling or have they struggled with opening up in traditional talk therapy?


Children, teens, and adults alike all find Art Therapy an approachable and meaningful type of counseling. Visual expression gives voice to our experiences in ways that go beyond words. Art therapy is a holistic form of counseling and a mental health profession that is more hands-on than traditional talk therapy alone. As humans, we experience the world in a multidimensional and sensory way (visual, tactile, etc ) therefore it makes sense to process our experiences and create new meaning in this way as well. When we engage in the creative process we involve our body, spirit, mind and soul. We are designed to create! 

 Art Therapy is also especially healing for traumatic and upsetting experiences. This form of counseling is unique in that it engages both sides of the brain. Trauma memories are often stored in the non-verbal part of our brain and can be accessed through creative expression. As a therapist with specialized trauma training, I can help you heal and work towards wholeness with a safe, in-depth and creative approach. Put the pieces back together and begin to move forward.

What can I expect from an art therapy session?

It’s important to me that I tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs and go at your pace. I offer a variety of art materials such as clay, mosaic, paint, collage, beading, etc. While Art Therapy is not art class, per se, I do offer instruction for materials that are new to you. You choose what you are comfortable with. I offer art directives and open-ended opportunities.

Do I have to be “good” at art?

There’s no right or wrong way to create art! Absolutely no art experience is needed. You are never judged on how “pretty” the art is and you’ll have the freedom to show any kind of experience or feeling through what you create.

Who can benefit and participate in art therapy?

Anyone can benefit from the creative process. I invite you to simply be yourself and be open to exploring your creative side. Art is a universal language that allows all cultures and abilities to participate. Children and teens especially are especially drawn to the approachable nature of an office with art supplies! Art Therapy is also helpful for those with neurodiversity and Autism as art incorporates the visual parts of the brain which can be helpful when processing events or learning new skills.